#CoverReveal for My Next Book in The #Bigfoot Chronicles #erotica #dark #monster

Welcome back to my little blog. Today I get to reveal the cover for the second book in my Bigfoot Chronicles. This one picks up right were the first left off…after Bryanna and her bigfoot lover had their first encounter. 

Banged up (pun intended!) and bruised, Bryanna vows to have her lover again and again and again. No man had ever brought her as much pleasure as the hairy beast that took her in her garden. She is determined to make sure she’s the only one HE wants as well. 

Trust me. He doesn’t want anyone else after he got a taste of the priestess Bryanna. He’s consumed with thoughts of her: her scent, her taste, the feel of her wrapped around his body begging for him to fuck her. What he feels for the human is more than lust. He wants her for his mate…forever.

Within the next week I’ll have the blurb for you and an excerpt to share. Until then, here’s the new cover. Let me know what you think. We did have fun with a mock up using a Wookie look alike. LOL! Now my mind is going in THAT direction! LOL

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  1. Hello Tawney! I have the hots for my own fantasy bigfoot! I thought I was the only one who thought like this! I loved your bigfoot erotica. I want more! Thank Lisa

  2. There is a painting of a Russian bigfo

  3. A Russian bigfoot by Alexander Ferdenyov that you should see. Then you will understand what I mean when I say “hot hot break me in two HOT!”

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