Mistake Turned to Happy Ending #amwriting #MyWANA



It’s nearly 6am and I’ve been up all night working on recreating this entire website. All I wanted to do was change the domain to drop a part at the end so people could find me easier and BAM! I was locked out of my WordPress admin account and nothing would redirect back to the old settings. I started up a chat with the IT guys at HostGator and they had me add another WordPress blog to the account and basically start again. They said something about transferring the files with the file manager thingy in the cPanel…

Yeah my head got fuzzy while they said that too. I found it easier just to start again. I wanted to switch the theme anyway so…ta dah! Here I am in my PJs and hair in all directions from running my fingers through it over and over again. I swear I’m going to have an ulcer or two after all of this. Lesson here is to listen to your gut when starting up new websites and changing domains. I’m not going to do this crap again! LOL

I hope you stick around for new posts. you can keep up with what I’m doing by subscribing to the site. Any new content I post will show up in your email. You can read it or not but at least you know I’m trying to keep you informed of my ramblings. Speaking of that, I’m rambling and starting to answer myself. Time to go to bed for a few more hours before Mr. Savage decides it’s time to get up. 

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