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I’m thrilled to finally be able to announce that the last book in The Bigfoot Chronicles Trilogy is available and ready for all who love the big hairy dude as much as I do. This one was a long time in the making with many bumps in the road along the way. Bryanna, Ashar and I made it through. Travis wanted his story told as well so a large portion of this tale is about him. You’ll get to see everything through his eyes as well as that of the others. Once you read it, you’ll understand why Travis is the first villain who broke my heart. I’m sure he won’t be the last, but you never forget your first. 

As of this post, we’re still waiting on Barnes and Noble and Kobo to put it up but the other vendors are ready. The links are at the end of this post. 





Bryanna’s world falls apart after discovering her life had been planned out by her grandmother. Without her consent, she’d been groomed to fulfill her destiny as the Chosen One of an ancient race of creatures known the world over as Bigfoot. Should she follow her heart, or face the darkness that could destroy them all?

Ashar vowed to avenge the death of his pregnant mate at the hands of the humans. Instead, he finds peace in the arms of the wife of the one he’s sworn to destroy. Torn between his love for her and his need for revenge, he risks it all in order to protect his clan from destruction…

At the hands of one of their own.

Travis has spent his entire life trying to fit in. Adopted within days of his birth and raised by a family who are the sworn enemies of the Forest People, he’s struggled to keep his dark side in check…

Until one last betrayal sets it free.




She sighed and touched his face. “I’ll only ask this once and then we’ll never speak of it again. Did you come to me the first time because you wished to make Travis pay for what he did to one of your clan?”

His eyes darkened and then closed. For a brief moment, he cut her off from his thoughts. “She was more to me than a member of our tribal family. Taema was my mate and carried our first child when they tortured her. They took from her what she would’ve given to them freely if only they’d asked. When she’d made her way back to me, she bled from several wounds. Her life left her while I held her in my arms.”

She brushed the tears from her cheeks. She’d never dreamed the one harmed could’ve been his mate. “I…I’m so sorry, Ashar. I can’t imagine the pain and anger you’ve carried with you all this time.”

He kissed her forehead and then her lips with a gentleness that took her breath away. “I wanted and needed vengeance for what they’d done to not only me, but the future of my people. I thought they had taken away my only chance to have a family—then I saw you, here in this garden. Your hair in the sunlight shows many colors—much like Taema’s used to do when we were young. The red and gold brought out the sparkle in her eyes too.”

He saw her in me and couldn’t stay away. Is it me or the memory of his lost mate he’s in love with now? “The night you took me here on this slab of stone wasn’t the first time you’ve been here, was it?”

He shook his head. “I’ve watched you for a year now while I waited for my chance to make him pay for what he had done. The more I watched, the more fascinated and confused I became. As the days moved on, I came here more to see you than to keep him in sight. I witnessed many fights between the two of you about the animals living so close to your home.”

She inhaled sharply. “You’ve watched us have sex here and in the shed?”

“Yes. I was drawn to you even then and couldn’t understand why he treated you so poorly. He tossed you aside as soon as he was done with you. I heard you cry. I had wanted to go to you then, but didn’t know how to approach you. You are like no human who’d ever crossed my path.”

She laughed. Relief washed over her and she hugged him. “Well, you’re the first of your kind I’ve met face to face. Apparently, I’ve been groomed to be your shaman since I was barely old enough to crawl.”

“You know of the Prophesy?” He held both of her hands in one of his. He led her to the altar and pulled her onto his lap as he sat on the stone.

“I tried to read about it in my grandmother’s journal, but I’ve been unable to get through more than a few pages at a time before I have to put it aside. What I know already has unsettled my mind.”

“If not from your grandmother’s writings, how do you know about the Prophesy? Who else knows about it?”

“My lawyer filled in me in yesterday. His family and many others have been working to keep your people safe from the rest of the world. He told me my grandmother and Etsey believed I am the Chosen One. I’m the one who’s supposed to win the love of your chief and make him forget the vengeance in his heart.”

He chuckled. “You have won my heart and I am to be the chief of my people. As for the vengeance—“

“You can’t let it go.”

“I’m trying. When I’m with you, I feel free of it. When we’re apart, it comes back. Now instead of just avenging Taema’s death, I need to make him answer for the pain he’s caused you.”

She shook her head. “That won’t be necessary. I understand your desire to punish him and his friends for your mate’s death. Hell, I want to beat the shit out of him for it myself, but there’s no need for you to avenge anything for me. All I want is to be with you, wherever that will be.”

He pulled her sweatshirt up and over her head. His pupils dilated at the sight of her bare tits, nipples hard and erect, begging to be suckled. “I have to leave you before the sun comes up, but not before I make you cry out my name over and over again.”

She unbuttoned her jeans and slipped them from her hips. She pushed him back on the stone and straddled his bulging thighs. “I think this time you’ll be calling out my name.”

He smiled and pulled her lips to his. “Brrrrryanna, do you mean to claim what’s already yours?”

“Over and over again, until you have to go back into the safety of your forest.” She stroked the length of his shaft and licked her lips.

He gripped her ass and steadied her as she lifted herself up and then buried his cock within her pussy. There was no need to prepare her for their coupling. As soon as she saw him in the center of her circle of stones, her body had immediately reacted to get ready to be joined with him again.

The deep timbre of his voice, his unique earthy scent and heat of his flesh against hers drove her arousal beyond the point of turning back. She couldn’t refuse him even if she’d wanted. Their fate had been sealed the night he claimed her as his own on this very altar.

She closed her eyes and ground her clit into him. The motion sent a ripple of heat through her body. Her cunt muscles tightened around his rock hard cock and pulled him all the way inside. An eerie sense of déjà vu washed over her. It’s him. He’s the one who claimed me all those year ago. It’s all coming back to me now.

He growled and rolled over to pin her beneath him. “You’re mine, woman. No one will ever take you away from me.” One hand pinned both of hers above her head while the other cupped her face, holding her still as his lips claimed hers with a ferocity that completely broke down any defenses she had left around her heart.

She was his, now and forever. Just like in my dreams…

She lifted her legs and wrapped them high on his waist. In this position his cock entered her fully with each plunge of his hips against hers. Her nails dug into the flesh of his arms, urging him to fuck her harder, faster. The cold stone beneath her scraped against her skin, creating a constant burning sensation that only heightened her state of arousal. “Yes, yes, yes!”

“Brrrrryanna!” He bellowed as his hot cum shot into her, filling her completely. He collapsed down on top of her, panting against her ear. “You’ve made me whole again. No one else will ever hold my heart. Only you.”

She held him close as fear of losing him gripped her heart. Fresh tears slid from her closed eyes down to the hair above her ears. “I love you, too.” Goddess, please don’t let this be our last night together. I don’t know if I am truly this Chosen One or not, but you brought us together for a purpose and I want to do everything in my power to save Ashar and the others. I don’t care about anything or anyone else in this world or the next. Just him…

* * * *

He watched them fuck each other from his hiding place near the shed. His stomach churned at the thought his wife freely gave herself to the beast. If he would’ve known she was into screwing the monstrosities, he’d have offered her up to them a long time ago. It sure as hell would’ve made his life less complicated. He shook his head at the thought he had gone through the trouble to have his body waxed to remove the extra hair. If she would have told him she was hot for it, he would have happily fulfilled her fantasy.

Fuck me! I jump through hoops for that bitch and she tosses me out on my ass. Too bad she didn’t count on my lawyer convincing Judge McNamara I needed a couple days to get my affairs in order before I show up for rehab.

He gulped down the rest of the bottle of vodka he brought to keep him company on his stake out. He’d intended on hiding until she completed her usual rounds tending the garden—then pounce on her. He wanted to make her pay for the hell she put him through with the divorce and the threat to take even a small part of his business away from him.

Travis smiled. Go ahead and whore yourself out to Sasquatch, Bryanna. He won’t be with you all the time. When he’s gone, you’ll learn what it’s like to be fucked by a real beast until you beg for me to stop. I know how much you like pain, girl. I got just what you need.

The first rays of sunlight came up over the mountain and caught the metal of the object in his hand. The serrated edge of the ten inch stainless steel hunting blade called out to him.

I’ll give her and her cunt exactly what she needs to bring her back in line. Don’t you worry about a damn thing. I got this.

He brought the cold steel to his lips and then ran his tongue the entire length from the base to the curved tip. “I’m coming for you,” he whispered. “When I’m done with you, no one will want to touch you ever again.”  

Not even your precious fluff ball, Ashar.

Don’t think I’ll let you get away with this either, little brother. Not again.


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