The Bigfoot Chronicles Series


The Bigfoot Chronicles series came to me on a whim after reading a few new dinoerotica and other monsterotica novelettes out on the market two years ago. My mind immediately “went there” and the love between the Wiccan priestess Bryanna and the Bigfoot prince Ashar was born. Of course no story is complete without the resident bad boy/evil villain. We have that in spades here with Travis. At first you think he’s just a Grade A Prick, but there is something else under all his sadistic streak that will grab you and not let go.

Brigid’s Blessing (Bigfoot Chronicles 1)

Bigfoot Claims His Mate (Bigfoot Chronicles 2)

Bigfoot Chronicles 1 and 2 (Special RomCon Edition)

Bigfoot’s Revenge (Bigfoot Chronicles 3)  COMING APRIL 2015

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